Monday, March 7, 2011

NBBC Church Projects

New Beginning Baptist Church is happy to announce some of the new projects and changes we've been working on. 
  • We've replaced our pews with linkable chairs. These chairs are FAR more comfortable than the older pews and they are much easier to move around and stow away for events. The pews are now up for sale on Craigslist here.
  • A very generous donation was made of a wonderful Frigidaire oven/range. With this new oven/range we plan to start a food ministry; feeding the public's body and spirit.
  • In preparation for this food ministry, we've begun remodeling what used to be our nursery into a brand new kitchen. Our old kitchen (now the nursery) didn't have a sink and wasn't very conducive for feeding the masses. It was also harder for those accessibility needs to access because of the narrow hallway and sharp turns. Our new kitchen will have a sink, plenty of counter space and cabinets, and even a pass through to allow easy distribution of food.
  • We've also been working on a new audio visual control center. This platform in the back of the sanctuary will allow those running our projection and sound system to more easily manage the equipment making them more effective tools for spreading the news of Jesus Christ. This will also allow easier management of recording equipment for recording the sermons on Sunday's (or anything else we wish to record).
God has truly blessed us and is continuing to do so. He's giving us the tools to reach out and touch the lost, sowing seeds of his grace in their hearts. Thanks to all who have given to these projects not only in financial/materialistic ways but also with their hard work, diligence, and time.

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