Sunday, February 20, 2011

LAN Party

We are excited to announce the first ever New Beginning Baptist Church LAN party. The LAN party will be March 25th to 26th. We will be starting around 6:30pm however you can show up anytime after. We will be going until 5am on the 26th. For more information about the LAN party click here.

So... What exactly is a LAN party you may ask. LAN party is a temporary, sometimes spontaneous, gathering of people with computers, between which they establish a local area network(LAN), primarily for the purpose of playing multi-player computer games (more information here).


  1. Will there be an entry fee/concessions, that type of thing? Should we bring our own refreshments? What games are we planning on playing? Are there going to be chairs/tables available? Should we bring consoles, and if so, what consoles should we bring? If we bring our own consoles will there be screens available or should we bring our own from home as well?

    Thanks Manny!

  2. -I've not decided 100% on the entrance fee (if any). If we do one at all it will just be to cover cost of food and drinks (like 5 bucks).
    -If you would like to bring your own refreshments, thats fine (so long as they're non-alcoholic of course).
    -I'm thinking TeeWorlds, maybe some BF2. I've not really been keeping up with games so I'm not sure whats "in". If you bring a console we'll probably play Modern Warfare 1 or 2 or Black-ops.
    - If you bring a console, please bring some sort of screen. We have a single projector, that will be first-come-first-serve.
    -You're welcome to bring a console if you like. I will probably have my 360 there so people can play some Guitar Hero or something.
    - We have PLENTY of chairs, though if you happen to have a card table or something it would be helpful if you could bring it (even if you use it just for yourself).

  3. We've decided that there will be NO entrance fee. We will be providing some sort of food sustenance before we get started so everyone can get their grub on.